Trying Jasper Art For the First Time

This is my absolute first experience with Jasper Art.

It's not perfect, but some of the results are 🤯. It's very exciting what the future holds!

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Since recording my initial video, Jasper has added an advanced mode that will help generate higher quality outputs.


A few images I generated with Jasper.

DLR & Sammy Hagar Hugging, Cartoon Style. 
Steve Jobs playing Xbox. 
Anime Elon Musk
squirrel, pixar, highly-detailed, 3d render
a beautiful energy travels throughout the world to bring joy and happiness to all life.
Elon & Ellen, playing poker.
Drunk Papa John delivering a dominos pizza at the grand canyon on a sunny day
“Marilyn Manson as a jedi, ambient light, portrait, extreme detail, 4k”