Tribe, TexAu, Brizy Cloud & Endorsal Are Leaving Soon! My Thoughts.


There are four deals about to expire over at AppSumo! I’ll show you each one, give you my thoughts, and help you decide whether they’re right for your business.

These are TexAu, Tribe, Brizy Cloud, and Endorsal.



TexAu is a scraping platform. Scraping is when you pull in information like email addresses, names, social media profiles, or any other type of information you select from websites.

Meanwhile, don’t expect it to be a magic tool where you can get about anything. It depends on the available data that can help you derive results.

I know there’s been a lot of uproar about scraping because you could use it for nefarious purposes. But then there are also some valid reasons you might want to do some scraping. (I’m gonna leave that debate for the comments – how do you feel about scraping? Leave your comments down below.)

You can stack codes as many times as you want with TexAu’s deal. It lets you have:

  • 20 minutes’ use per day, per purchased code.
  • Two parallel executions per code.
  • Email Enrichment, where you’d put in someone’s email address or name and it will try to find data about them.
  • Unlimited automations, which they call spices.
  • Integration with Google sheets as well as CSV.
  • CRM, where basically all results from your scraping get fed into.
  • If you stack up to two codes, unlock features like Slack integration, Zapier integration, and some roadmap stuff. (Planned are upcoming premium integrations as well as “recipes”. A recipe is when you connect several “spices” together – several automations performed.)

From its interface, you can see all the different spices laid out. Each “spice” performs a certain function. You can see tasks like adding friends on Facebook, finding email addresses, taking screenshots from sites, and extracting emails from a site.

So as I said, it’s not going to be magic. For example, if there’s an email address on a webpage, it will capture that for you. Many of them involve a social network like Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

An example is if I wanted to add a Facebook friend, I would click on the “spice” for that. I’d then get a Facebook user cookie (through a downloadable application that will allow me to do that).

There’s also the issue of proxies. If you’re scraping in large volumes, websites could ban your account. To get around that, you could turn on the proxies, which will randomize your IP address (i.e., making the requests look like they’re coming from different computers or locations).

Now, proxies are an additional fee. TexAu partners with some companies like Luminati and ProxyMesh. The proxy services will need you to pay a monthly fee on top of your LTD.

If you’re ever familiar with scraping tools, you’d know that they tend to be complex. What’s great with TexAu is that makes scraping a much more bearable task with its user-friendly graphical interface.

You could say it’s bringing scraping to the mainstream. 😉 That said, I don’t know if scraping is really for everyone with the ethical issues that come with it.

Bottomline: Pass TexAu if you just have a moral opposition to scraping. Or if you really don’t have any reason to do cold outreach or growth hacking. Some of us don’t have any interest in doing these things.

But if you’re curious, then maybe get two codes and try it out for 60 days. Buy this if you’re a scraper and you think this is a good tool for your case.

If you’re an expert, then you probably are not gonna listen to me and you’ve probably already made that decision. This looks like a pretty good tool, considering the economics of using it versus renting your own VPS and installing something like Scrapebox. But then it’s a little bit of a coin flip once you add in the cost of the proxies.



Something that made a lot of buzz on the internet is Tribe. This is essentially an online community or a way you can create your own social media platform for your audience.

The deal doesn’t have any stacking, just a single code for $69. Yet they’re not holding back when it comes to the features. Some things you’ll get are:

  • Full white label (or no Tribe branding)
  • Your own custom domain
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited page views
  • Theme control – change the look and feel of the theme.

The only restriction is you get just five moderators. You need to pay if you want to add more moderators (something you might feel like doing if you have a huge community).

From the backend, the “Your Feed” section is like your standard newsfeed on Facebook or Twitter. Here, there are three different types of posts by default – Quick Post, Question, and Discussion. If these terms aren’t clues enough, Quick Post is more like a normal status update; Question lets you conduct polls and turn on the anonymity features for questioners, if you like; and Discussion lets you write longer paragraphs and initiate forums.

There’s also a section for Groups, just like what Facebook has. This is actually an add-on that’s been unlocked for Sumo-lings.

There are several other apps here, like Welcome Email, Social Login, Google Analytics, and Virtual Currency. Some add-ons say “unlock for 14 days”. The extra apps need payment, including Facebook Messenger (allows users to connect with your Tribe community via messenger), Zapier, Webhooks, and SendGrid.

Some of Tribe’s settings that you can tweak involve SEO, white-labeling, as well as customizing your favicon and your open graph image. You can also adjust the access settings, feed settings, portal links (urls to go over to your other website pages or your other social platforms), messages (such as what users will view when they’re signing up), and announcements.

There are dedicated pages showing your community members, forum topics you follow, groups, theme settings, and app stats.

Note also that there is no way to upload videos in Tribe. You can of course link to something like a Vimeo or a YouTube page, but you can’t upload videos to Tribe itself. But then the feature is something that they say is in the pipeline for later.

So if you’re creative, you could find a lot of ways to use a tool like this beyond just a message board. Your users’ engagement could depend on how you’d like it to be or how you execute your community.

There was a time when forums were my whole life and forums now are replaced with Facebook groups because it happens to be convenient. But then there are also audiences that want nothing to do with Facebook or Twitter.

So you have to give people some reason to visit your community. Think about that when you’re debating whether or not Tribe is a good choice for you. Will you be able to convince people to leave Twitter or Facebook and come over to a platform for certain purposes (like talk about a few subjects)?

Bottomline: I guess I was kind of surprised at how nice the backend was and how useful it appeared to be. But I kind of had a different idea for how I planned to use it….I don’t actually think I would use it for any business purposes. It did seem to make a lot of sense for a growing family. We’ve got small kids and I don’t really want to get them on social media. It’d be nice for them to connect with their aunts, uncles, and grandparents. So I’m thinking that Tribe might be a good way for us to connect our actual family together.

That said, if you’re going to use this for business purposes, there are some things to consider. At any point if Tribe folds, changes directions, or takes away features, you’re really not in control of that.

However you do get the simplicity of the user interface. On the other hand, if you’re setting up your own WordPress community, you’ll have to buy an expensive theme like BuddyBoss, configure it, and make sure everything’s locked down so that you don’t have just random strangers joining your community. A lot of things to think about.

But then again, if starting a high-end consulting firm or doing some high-ticket online courses, together with providing a community for the users, I probably would go with something like BuddyBoss, a high-end and ultra customizable solution.

Pass: If you don’t need a community, skip this altogether. Buy: If you’re somewhat interested in a community but don’t want any of the complexities, Tribe seems perfect for that. (All the while considering the possibilities I’ve mentioned.)

Brizy Cloud


Brizy Cloud is a completely cloud-based SAAS web page builder. It originated as a WordPress page builder (and still has such offer). If you’ve missed my entire review on Brizy, check it out.

To me, this is really the ultimate landing page builder. It’s what you’d expect out of something like AdPage, but then the latter is nothing compared to Brizy. Brizy is really a full-featured service. If you were to pair this up with something like ThriveCart, you’re gonna have a lifetime deal where you could host a funnel, ClickFunnels style, for a one-time cost. It’s not gonna be cheap because ThriveCart is pretty expensive. But for a $49 code from AppSumo, you’ll be able to build three powerful funnels for one single cost.

In the video, I’ve demonstrated how building a page goes with Brizy. I think Brizy is a fantastic platform. It is not my primary page builder. However, if we were doing a lot of landing pages for paid traffic, I would probably be using Brizy for nearly every client, because it’s so easy to just launch a new site using the cloud interface.

Pass: So who should pass on Brizy Cloud? Well, WordPress loyalists – people never going to think about going to another platform. Maybe you’re already happy with something like Unbounce and that’s fine, just stay there. There’s no reason to switch platforms.

Buy: But if you’re kind of curious, tired of WordPress, or getting frustrated with all of the updates, you could take a look over at Brizy, grab a code or two and you’ll have some hosting as well as a really good page builder for life.

Who should stack to the moon? Well in my opinion, probably people doing a ton of paid traffic building landing pages every single day. You’ve got a steady pipeline of new clients and you know that you’re going to be whipping out some high converting landing pages. Brizy is definitely a good platform to do that with.


endorsal-featured image

I’ve also got a full tutorial and review on this one. I think this is a really interesting platform for collecting reviews for your business. There are a few things I just wanted to mention here that I got wrong in my previous video plus some features that they’ve added.

So one thing that several people were nice enough to point out to me was the fact that there is a little bit of review gating that you can do. If we go over to “submission settings” and turn on “publish to other services”, we can choose to hide the option to send the testimonial over to Facebook if the star rating is below a certain threshold.

Now it’s still taking things out of order in my opinion, where I would like to have someone say, “did you like this service or not?” – just one flat question. If they say they did, then say “hey, great, go leave us a Facebook review”, et cetera. That’s what Starfish Reviews does and I think that is gonna get people to leave reviews on the sites that matter for businesses. Having reviews on your own site doesn’t matter as much as having them with Google, Facebook, Yelp, or whatever platform is right for your business. So I’d love to see that change happen and the founder has indicated that he’s open to exploring these ideas. Hopefully that’s coming and I’m kind of betting on this one.

We also got some new options – the ability to add a custom service (not in the product when I did the initial review). If you’re not just directing people to Facebook or Google, you can now send them anywhere you like. You can add a name and your own custom link.

Endorsal is ending very soon. I think that is ending in a couple of days from the recording of my video. So definitely head over and pick that one up.

Check out these AppSumo deals by clicking the links featured here!

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