TTR #4 – AppDrag, ProVideoFactory,, SecondLineThemes, & Swarmify

Taco Truck Roundup 4

It’s time for the Taco Truck Roundup, the show where we talk about everything that was released at AppSumo last week!

I have full-length reviews of each of the six deals featured here. You can think of this as the TLDR version (plus updates) of those reviews.

Here they are!


appdrag featured image

AppDrag is a Squarespace-like competitor. Someone asked me over on the Facebook group, ‘Well I have Brizy Cloud. Should I refund that and get AppDrag?’

My answer was well, Brizy Cloud has a lot more of a polished look to it. The builder is really, really nice. But AppDrag has so many features. So I would say if you’re considering Wix or Squarespace, AppDrag is probably something that should be on your list.

However, if you’re looking to build a landing page for some paid traffic, then Brizy Cloud is going to be the best solution there.

Let’s dig into AppDrag’s dashboard again. This is gonna be a quick look. There are some features that I didn’t mention in my review that I just want to point out.

Someone asked about sharing via white-label and to do that, you just click on the share button and it pops open a project sharing window.

white label

You can choose which features you want your client to have and they’ll be able to log in through a white label portal. Now I say “white label” because really, the project is shared via an page to hide the AppDrag page.

white label

The one downside here is the email that receivers get does say AppDrag on it. So it’s not really fully white labeled, just an email that says, ‘Hey you can go edit your project right here.’ Just a bit of a caveat there.

Also, their page builder looks a lot like any decent one. I won’t say this is the best but it’s certainly not the worst that I have reviewed.

If I wanted to, say, edit a headline, I couldn’t click on it once. I actually have to click on it twice – a little bit of a pet peeve.

If you go down to the different sections, you have to click once to highlight the content and then double click it to get in there and edit it.

But all of the editing is in-line. So if I wanted to edit some of my ecommerce products, I could click on one and customize the way that this product listing is displayed.

edit product

Editing all of the ecommerce is done on the backend and I demonstrated that in the full video.

So again, AppDrag is a pretty solid solution with a lot of features. I think the UI can be polished a little bit more. It is a reasonable choice if you’re considering using something like Wix or Squarespace.

You can definitely save some cash as you get five sites for $69 per year. That is not a lifetime deal. It’s a lifetime discount. So just keep that in mind. You can stack up to 10 codes to be able to build up to 50 sites for clients at $70 per five sites.


provideofactory featured image

ProVideoFactory is another deal that is not lifetime. It is credit based, where the credits never expire (so I guess it’s a lifetime in that respect).

This is a stock video platform (more explanation here). You’ll get 10 videos for the first code. After that, for each additional code, you’ll get 15 videos.

Now the thing that people don’t like about this deal is one, that it’s not reocurring credits – these are one-time use; and two, that it’s limited to 1080p.

In my full-length review, I go into detail about why I think that’s actually a fairly reasonable offer and it’s still an exceptional deal when you price match this to any of the other stock video websites out there.

So should you get ProVideoFactory? Well, it really comes down to this: head over to their website and browse through their library.

Buy if you see videos that are going to be a good fit for projects that you’re working on, if you need stock videos for, say, a sales video or maybe some paid traffic ads that you’re doing and you find videos that look good….Then it’s $3.50 or so per video.

It’s actually less than that if you stack two codes. So definitely reasonably priced if you’re in the market for stock videos. But if you don’t use stock videos, well you can pass. It’s okay, you don’t have to collect them all. featured image is a note-taking app for meetings (that is the best way that I can summarize the functionality inside of it). It has some really generous plans.

We’re looking at 20 users and a hundred gigabytes of storage for a single code. You can double those with a second code. That’s all there is to it – no ridiculous stacking here. You’ll stay under a hundred bucks with your purchase of

At the backend of, everything is cleanly laid out. The meetings are organized into projects and relevant meetings can be organized together. You can see meetings that are upcoming. You can book new ones and schedule them inside of projects.

I went into all of this in detail in my full-length video. To sum it all up, is a reasonably full-featured app. But what it’s really lacking is that final touch and additional integrations.

The apps that it works with now include Zoom, Calendly (paid version), Slack, Trello, Asana, and more. If you’re using those platforms, that’s gonna be a great fit for you. If you’re using other things, well, hopefully they add more down the road. Otherwise, you’ll just have to kind of manually sync everything up. However, I still think it’s a pretty reasonable solution for that.

So just a real quick look at the backend of As you’re in a meeting and taking notes, you’ll be looking at a screen which has a Notes section.


You can make that section full screen so that nothing else is distracting you while on a call:


You can add your agenda item, suggestions, and audio files. I suggested in my previous review that maybe you want to upload a recording of the meeting you just had. On the right-hand side of the screen, you can call for a vote.

If you’re maybe a little bit more organized and you need to do things like keeping proper minutes, this seems a great way to handle that.


secondlinethemes featured image

SecondLineThemes is a WordPress theme with a podcast focus. They say you can use it for anything related to audio.

So if you’re a musician, a speaker, or someone who has a lot of audio on your website, this could still be a good choice for you. But I gotta be honest, it is really heavily focused towards podcast.

The deal is pretty compelling – $49 for five installations. If you add a second code, you’ll get unlimited domains.

I went ahead and set up one of their demo sites in my full-length review. I used the Tusant theme, which is a stylish looking theme.

There are a few variations of the home page, which I think is a nice touch.

tusant theme

My personal favorite is the episode slider. Imagine you have a podcast, where people go to visit the website and they get a nice big slider of the latest episodes. You can see a little bit of the show notes and then a nice big player here if you want to listen to the episode:


What I like about SecondLineThemes is that they use conventional, popular WordPress plugins. Things like Elementor and Contact Form 7 – those are all used throughout the theme. They don’t rely on some kind of a special page builder that they’ve white labeled (where it’s not very good or customizable).

You’ll get all the power of Elementor – the most popular page builder for WordPress. Of course, there are tons of add-on packs for Elementor so you won’t really be stuck with what they give you.

In retrospect, after I made my full-length review, the only thing I could think of was that I wished there was a way to utilize SecondLineThemes on websites that were already built and had podcasts. What if I wanted to stylize them but I couldn’t necessarily switch the entire website over to a new theme?

What if you already have an existing website and your business isn’t only about podcasting? Does that mean you’ll only be limited on either rebuilding your site inside of this new theme or getting by without it?

But you know what, the good news is you probably can manage such websites. A lot of the plugins SecondLineThemes uses are freely available. Things like their podcast importer – Seriously Simple Podcasting is a free podcasting plugin for WordPress. They also use the Blubrry PowerPress plugin and that is also free.

Bottomline, I think SecondLineThemes is a really good solution for WordPress users building out a lot of podcast based websites.


swarmify featured image

Swarmify is a video CDN. The main complaint here is that this is not a host and for some reason they keep using the word “host” throughout the copy for the AppSumo deal.

You can see right in the main headline – it says “video hosting for your website”. They say host a few more times on the page. This is not a host. It is a CDN.

With a CDN, imagine a WordPress site where you can offload your images to a content delivery network. But those images still have to exist somewhere. So if I’m using BunnyCDN and it’s delivering images to people when they visit my website, well the website itself still hosts the files.

The same thing applies to Swarmify. The video files are hosted somewhere else. So they could be on YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Wasabi, etc. (various cloud providers would be a good source) but in order to utilize the CDN functionality, they have to be hosted somewhere else.

The deal with Swarmify is you’ll get 100,000 monthly views per code. You can stack this up to five codes. Once we get to five codes, a few features are unlocked. You get this watermark that you can add in the corner of your video.

You also have the ability to add VAST (short for Video Ad Serving Template) for video ads. So you have a bit of a pre-roll, kind of like what you see before my YouTube videos where they’ll play a video to get you to buy something else. You’ll be able to do that if you’ve got a lot of views to videos that are already on your website.

This is what Swarmify looks like when I embed a video on my WordPress website:

octagon play button

You can see there is this octagon play button and this really bothered me when I created my first review about a week ago. The good news is that the folks at Swarmify have actually gone through an update of this.

So if you go under Settings, you’ll see that there is now a section to change the shape of the play button:

edit play button

There we go, certainly a lot nicer-looking in my opinion:

play button

The one thing that bothered me was that there is this video link right here:


I did notice that they actually made this not look quite like a link. It was yellow originally in my first review and now it has a neutral color. But it still takes you off your website. If you click on it, it opens a new page that talks a bit about Swarmify.

So those were the things that bothered people – that you had to host the video yourself and it was just acting like a CDN; that it linked out; and that they saw an ugly play button.

Meanwhile, I mentioned in my original review that it seemed to have a little bit of protection. Recently, I saw that there’s not actually any sort of encryption that’s going on here. In fact, if you view the page source, you can see that it does display the plain link right to the video file, not encrypted at all. I could click on this and just very easily download it. No need for any sort of installation of third-party plugins.

source page

But…what was surprising is that if the user is trying to use something like a Chrome extension to download it, for some reason the Chrome extension was not finding this video. Even when I was playing it back and then clicking on it, it just wouldn’t find the video. I tried a few other tools and they didn’t find it either.

So that’s just something to be aware of. It is not actually protected but it does kind of mask the location of the video from those types of downloaders.


stackby featured image

Stackby is what I declared in my full-length review as an Airtable competitor. Airtable is basically the combination of a spreadsheet and a database and that’s also what Stackby is.

Now the founder of Stackby did not like my review very much. He called it rushed and that I didn’t get into their main features. I disagree with that but you know, to each their own.

I’m not here to to cut hairs over that but I will address some of the things that he mentioned. Stackby’s main feature that you really want to put front and foremost is their ability to link up to API’s and pull in data directly into their spreadsheet slash database.

So if you’re using tools that utilize their database integrations (below is a glimpse of their current integrations), then Stackby is gonna be a lot more powerful for you. You’ll be able to grab data from those platforms and bring them right into your databases.

If you’re not, then I still stand by my earlier recommendation that the free Airtable solution is probably going to be a lot more economical for you. Airtable is also more established – their software is just a bit further along in development.

I do want to point out that they have fixed the little click bug that I had in my full-length review. What happened was that when I clicked the Add Stack button, the dropdown menu would be difficult to open before disappearing. That has been solved.

add stack

The owner of Stackby also said that I didn’t go into sections that had more templates. I think I randomly picked Education and there was only one.

To address that concern, I’ll show you other templates. You can see in their featured section that they have several templates.


I wasn’t trying to allude that they did not. My comparison was simply that they don’t have as much as Airtable has. I think that is absolutely true.

The other point he made was that I didn’t show off the Views’ full features.

So for my recent video here, I demonstrated the integration of Views. I used the template called Business Development CRM.

In the left section, we can select the type of view we prefer. Shown below is the grid view:

grid view

Meanwhile, below is the Kanban view. Such type of overview is preferred by many like those who do project management and CRM.

kanban view

There are other views that you can add as well by clicking on the plus button:

add view

The other thing that people didn’t like about Stackby was the structure of the deal. As you go from one code to two codes, things don’t necessarily scale proportionally. You’re getting fewer gigabytes per stack.

You get 10 gigabytes per stack for the first code and only 15 gigabytes per stack for the second code. Then an additional five gigabytes for each code that you stack after that.

I think the AppSumo audience was really just hoping to see this scale proportionally (go from 10, 20, 30 to 40).

Also worth noting that everything is grouped into the same workspace, which is basically like a department. I think a lot of AppSumo customers were hoping to see additional workspaces so that they could segment things out a little bit better.

So in conclusion, I stand by what I said in my full-length review. Stackby is a well thought-out, well-designed product but the offer at AppSumo is a little bit on the conservative side. It’s not offering quite as much as you might expect for a brand new product and we also have that very attractive free plan from Airtable on the menu.

So it’s kind of hard to put all of our eggs into the Stackby basket when Airtable is developed. They have a pretty generous free plan.

So that’s it! You’re all caught up on everything that came out at AppSumo last week!

Make sure you subscribe to the channel so that you get updated when new reviews go live! We also have our Facebook group where we’re talking about lifetime deals everyday. We just passed a thousand members and we’d love to have you onboard over there. I’ll see you in the next review.

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