Collect User Feedback & Share A Roadmap With This WordPress Plugin | Simple Feature Requests

Simple Feature Requests is a new WordPress plugin that allows you to collect user requests, organize them, and display them on a roadmap, so your …

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Social SharingWordPress

Use THIS Instead of Social Warfare | Novashare Social Sharing Buttons

In this video, I’ll show you a speed optimized Social Sharing plugin for WordPress called Novashare. I really like Novashare for it’s ease of use …

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WordPress Is Ugly | Admin 2020 Demo

WordPress has had almost the exact same admin dashboard for 17 years …and it’s a bit dated. Admin 2020 is a plugin that restyles the …

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WPvivid Backup Plugin Review

Talking about backups is about as exciting as talking about loan interest rates. You want a good one, and if you don’t get one… it’ll …

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Create WordPress Sales Funnels With Upsell Plugin

Building sales funnels on WordPress typically means using a WooCommerce extension, like (the wonderful) CartFlows. But there are times that you want a funnel without …

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Transactional EmailWordPressWP Offload SES

WP Offload SES Tutorial – QUIT Using Gmail For Website Emails –

In this video, I’ll show you how to configure transactional emails for your WordPress site so you hit the inbox! This is important so that …

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publersocial media management

Publer First Impression – A Useful Social Media Scheduling Tool?

In this video, I’ll give you a tour of Publer, a new social media scheduling platform that allows you to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn …

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WordPresswp reset

WP Reset Tutorial – Restore Your WordPress Site, No Matter What!

WP Reset is a new WordPress plugin that allows you to: 1. Access your site when it’s completely hacked & you can’t log in. 2. …

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Content Marketing

Social Animal Impressions – Content Marketing Data [BuzzSumo Alternative]

In this video I go through the process of setting up a Social Animal account and give you my initial impressions of the UI, the …

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Giveaway SoftwarerafflepressWordPress

RafflePress Review – The Best Giveaway Software For WordPress

Everywhere I look there is a new giveaway platform being launched… KingSumo, ViralLoops, WooRise, Perkzilla… but which one is the best? Well, in my opinion, …

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