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Are you sick of a certain gram’s policy against linking? Well Shorby is the closest thing you’ll get to being able to create multiple links on Instagram

This is a no-code, dead simple solution to adding multiple links to your IG profile. Connect other social media platforms, lead magnets, heck — even your phone number if you’re still doing the voice thing.

So why choose Shorby over just using your website? I’ll answer that as well as show you in detail how to use every feature in this review.


Makes building a page a lot faster. It currently has more than 50 reviews with a 4.5 rating in AppSumo.
A quick tool that adds convenience.


Email feature isn’t working – the email link I created wasn’t able to properly redirect to create a new email.
Not a “must-have”, especially for someone who is handy with WordPress or Elementor.
Lacks some UTM aspects but those features can be easily added later.




Stack up to 15 codes (max 10 per transaction). $78 for the Pro Plan & $117 for the Agency Plan.

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