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Building a website to house your Podcast episodes can be clunky. Styling episode pages to be attractive and inviting can be troublesome.

SecondLine Themes takes an interesting approach by bundling in popular WordPress and Podcast software and automatically setting up a demo site with some really attractive designs that are easy to modify using the Elementor page builder.


Liking their approach for their WordPress themes, where they’re mostly using Elementor and only adding in the necessary features.

Pretty handy for those who build out podcast sites regularly or have their own podcast network.

Supports other podcasting tools like WordPress plugins for podcasting and (hosts and delivers podcasts to different channels, currently running on AppSumo).


SecondLineThemes provides a great-looking format for podcast based websites, but the fact that it’s a theme at all is the major downside. If there was a way to import a custom post type with their Elementor templates, so that you could simply add a podcast section to your existing website, it would be an absolute slam dunk.




Yes. Stack up to two codes.

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