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There is a decent bit of controversy about this deal…

Why would you pay for an uptime monitor? Uptime Robot is free for 50 sites…

Why are they being so strict with how many sites you get?

In my opinion, it’s because the tool is pretty darn useful, and they probably realize the value it offers!

Part Uptime Monitor, Part SEO Auditor… Hexometer is 100% cool… (but I do wish they’d increase the site limits!)


Looks like a high-quality product for an SEO monitoring tool where you can view certain SEO data (check out the video). One indication is its UI that’s well designed and responsive.

Pretty acceptable for people who have a few websites and don’t mind spending $100 one time.


The deal’s pricing is not designed with agencies in mind, particularly those that manage tens to hundreds of websites.




Yes. Stack up to five codes.

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