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Gumlet Vs. Shortpixel Adaptive Images?

Gumlet is a new image optimization and CDN tool on AppSumo, but how does it stack up to ShortPixel? In this video, I’ll explain the features of Gumlet and then optimize a site using both Gumlet & Shortpixel AI to see which provides the fastest website load times.

Gumlet provides three main features. It acts as a CDN for your images, it optimizes images to keep files size low, and it serves up responsive images so that your uses isn’t seeing images too big for their device.

Shortpixel Adaptive Images provides a nearly identical service, so which does a better job? Watch the video and find out!

Note: Speed test all three identical sites and make up your own mind on performance!

WP Compress:

ShortPixel AI:



Great-looking UI.

For a service that has the three major features (CDN, image optimization, image responsiveness) offered, quite a bargain.

Rivals the quality and size of ShortPixel.


Fairly expensive for a CDN (costs 10 cents per gigabyte).




Yes. Stack up to five codes.

Where Can You Get It?:



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