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Are people talking about your brand or your competitors online?
BrandMentions lets you monitor the web and social platforms for conversations that include your brand or your competitors so that you can join in the conversation.

In this video, I walk through the strengths and weaknesses of BrandMentions. I’ll show you how to monitor for generic phrases, manage multiple clients, and give you a glimpse of what their reports look like without White Labeling so you can decide which AppSumo plan is right for you.


A solid and reliable product that has been around for a few years and has proven itself.


There’s probably no reason to get this if you already have CivicFeed or Awario. Well, unless you need things like white label reporting and additional client slots.

Could improve some options when it comes to defining a social monitoring entry (e.g. add more than one language and country if I want to).




Yes. Stack up to two codes.

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