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After lifetime hosting deals, the next deal I’m most suspicious of is website builders.

Especially ones that claim to have a massive amount of features for one low price. That is almost always a “too good to be true” scenario that ends up being… not true.

While AppDrag certainly isn’t going to get you to light fire to your WordPress plugin collection, it DOES have a lot of positive features going on.

Creating a site, editing pages, optimizing CSS, even adding eCommerce and creating newsletters were shockingly easy and compelling.

If you’re currently looking for a new platform to build a website on, I’m not entirely sure you shouldn’t give AppDrag some serious consideration… and that is saying a lot as I’m fervently against “all-in-one” apps.


More impressive than I thought it would be. Competes well with tools like Wix, Squarespace, etc.

While I prefer modular platforms than all-in-one apps, there is something here esp. for business owners who don’t really care about extra stuff (e.g. for making big sales funnels).


My reservations against all-in-one apps don’t wane. You tend to get stuck on what such apps have to offer.




Yes. Stack up to 10 codes.

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