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Form builders are one of the most popular SaaS tools around because just about every business needs forms.

Whether you a website designer or organizing a youth sports league, online forms are really helpful!

PaperForm is one of the most lusted after LTDs on the black market, and when I heard there was a new form builder at AppSumo I just had to see how it compared…

Let’s just say I was surprised. This thing is gorgeous with only three cons I can think of.


Impressive when it comes to user experience.


But currently lacks the following features: font choices, custom url, and (a good number of) integrations.




Yes. Stack up to three codes.

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1 thought on “AidaForm”

  1. Dear Dave is this solution good for agency’s? And does it support multiple languages?
    I need a tool to for collecting leads as well as building my email list. What do you recommend? Investing in this or simply wait for another startup project?

    Thanks again for your great work, really appreciate your videos too!

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