Partners & Business Opportunities

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs choose what they need in order to build a more profitable business. Profitable Tools independent reviews have found audiences beyond our site with partners who use our work to serve their own audiences.

Affiliate partnerships
Users visit Profitable Tools when they are ready to make a purchase decision. Our exhaustive process and hours of extensive testing have built trust with readers and have made us a destination for product recommendations. If you carry a Profitable Tools recommended product or service and are interested in establishing an affiliate partnership, please email us at

Licensing and awards
Being named best-in-class by Profitable Tools is news worth sharing. If you’re a developer of a software product or service that we named as the best, you can license our logo or editorial text to show potential customers how great your gear is. Please email us at if you’re interested.

In addition to our reviews, tutorials, and user guides, we can connect developers and service providers with our readers through our display ads. Please email us at for details.

Other business opportunities
Please email us at if you have ideas on how we could work together that don’t quite fit into the categories above. We’d love to hear from you.

Please note that our editorial calendar is not for sale,  you cannot purchase a review or a guest post.  Sponsored content is available but we require our sponsors to meet our strict standards of quality, support, and user experience.