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Last Call is back and for the next 72 hours! You have one more chance to grab some of the top deals that AppSumo has offered in the last three or four months.

Which ones should you buy, stack, and ignore? I’ll help you decide in this review.

(Meanwhile, I’ll also mention a bit about the AppSumo Plus vs. AppSumo Briefcase programs. I’ve got full videos on that already but you do need to be an AppSumo Plus or Briefcase member in order to buy any of these deals.)

Last Call has got five deals in it. It begins on January 21st at noontime central in the U.S. Here are the deals:


Be.Live featured image

Be.Live is essentially a television studio that runs on your laptop. It’s very easy to get jaded about technology and say ‘oh well, it doesn’t have this feature or that feature’.

The fact that this thing exists 10 to 15 years ago, minds would have been blown. We have so much technology now that it’s really amazing.

So what does Be.Live do for you? Be.Live allows you to connect up to four guests at the same time.

For example, guests can be on Skype. They’ll come in and you’ll have split screens where you can switch between different camera setups. You can broadcast this live to YouTube. View full menus and interact with the chat at the same time. You can also share photos.

You can share your own screen. Now, one thing that people got upset about was that Be.Live restricted an important feature and that is the ability for guests to share their screen through the live broadcast. So if you need that, you’ll have to go elsewhere. It’s not available in this AppSumo deal. They’ve been very clear that they’re not going to add that feature.

Those are Be.Live’s basic features, aside from other cool stuff going on in their platform. They’re gonna add in LinkedIn streaming, Twitch streaming, and others coming soon. The main features all work really well now.

Be.Live is definitely a great solution if you’re already livestreaming. Should you buy this? Pass: No, not unless you’re already livestreaming.

Buy: Maybe you’ve established that you like livestreaming, it does well for your business or it’s helping you grow your brand. You may want to take things up to the next level by adding in the ability to show chat on screen and to interact better with your followers. Then YES, Be.Live is a great solution.

But I wouldn’t say that it’s necessarily the right thing to buy and assume that it will motivate you to livestream. That’s not what these tools are for. So let’s keep that in mind.

If you’re already into livestreaming, Be.Live is a great solution and I do recommend it.


LiveWebinar featured image

LiveWebinar – very tangential move here. It’s video related and even livestreaming related. So which one should you get – Be.Live or LiveWebinar?

They’re actually quite a bit different. Whereas Be.Live is focused on entertainment and making an engaging livestream, LiveWebinar is into webinars. Webinars, traditionally, are sales platforms. They’d focused more on conversion – putting together a longer form training that offers something at the end that your viewers can purchase.

So don’t really think of Be.Live and LiveWebinar as competition. They’re not really overlapping at all in my mind. The one thing that starts to blur the line a little bit as we scroll down to the AppSumo codes is that you can actually livestream through LiveWebinar once you get up to three codes. It adds livestreaming and that will allow you to livestream over to YouTube.

Now one of the issues with LiveWebinar that people complain about is that the recording quality is 12 frames per second until you get up to five codes I believe. There is a bit of a hack here in that you could use three codes, livestream out to YouTube and record that livestream. You don’t even have to broadcast, it could be on a private channel and then you have a full 30 frames per second recording.

So that is a hack. But I would recommend that (to echo what I said with Be.Live) if you’re not already doing webinars, if you don’t have a use case for webinars, don’t assume making this purchase is going to magically help the universe manifest a reason for you to do webinars.

Webinars are expensive. So to buy a tool like this, you’d spend maybe two or three hundred dollars a month. Keep that in mind when I talk about what I’m about to say next…

I think really the only deal here with LiveWebinar is to either buy five codes or probably just pass on it. There are other opportunities – you can use something like Zoom to just do actual meetings. They have a free plan where you can do 30-minute meetings for Zoom. There’s been a lot of other deals in AppSumo like Vectera (not currently available) for meetings.

But if you need high-quality webinars and perhaps evergreen webinars (a new feature that they’ve added recently since the Black Friday deal), I recommend getting the five stack of LiveWebinar.

It’s kind of a black and white issue in my mind. Buy: Are you gonna do live webinars? Okay, great. Need recordings and those sort of things? Then do five codes. Pass: Otherwise, probably just go get by with what you have. If you need to do the occasional webinar in the future, you can buy a month of Zoom and you’ll be good to go.


Clust featured image

I did not expect Clust to come back to AppSumo. They seemed pretty content with their AppSumo campaign. I didn’t think they’d come back even for a last call. I did a full review for Clust and you can go check it out.

For me, it’s just not a very good use case. However, it was a very popular tool. People that had the need for Clust absolutely went bonkers for it.

So basically the short version of this is: Clust is a way if you intake data from your customers. Let’s say you’re a personal trainer and you have surveys that people fill out or you have regular check-ins that you want them to reply to you. Clust is the tool for that.

My previous Clust video shows how it focused a lot on what their templates were at the time, which tackled landlord concerns, mortgage applications, etc. I assume many of you probably are not looking into Clust for these use cases.

Buy: But if you have a service-based industry where you’re collecting information from your new or ongoing clients, then Clust seems to really hit the mark for that industry.

Pass: If you don’t, once again, just pass and move along.

For this deal, you can stack as many times as you want. You get 300 applications per month with a single code. If you stack a double code, then you get unlimited applications for months.

So it’s probably worth getting to here and then it just depends on how big your team is. You’ll get an additional five team members for every code that you stack and you can stack unlimited codes. (AppSumo fashion – this goes up to ten at a time but you can come back and buy more if you have more than 50 team members.)

Promo Republic

Promo Republic featured image

Promo Republic feels like it ended just a few weeks ago. It is a social media scheduling tool. I covered it in one of the Taco Truck Roundup videos.

This is essentially one of the top social media scheduling platforms ever been on AppSumo in my opinion. Where it really excels is in their built-in graphics editor.

Buy: So if you’re doing any sort of ecommerce and you need to schedule out promotions through your social channels, I think that Promo Republic is probably going to be the best tool for you.

If you don’t already have a full in-house staff that’s doing design and social media for you, this can kind of take the job of two or three people and roll it all into one.

For plans and codes, Promo Republic has always had this deal where a single code will get you access to 30 profiles.

If you stack an additional code, that’s the only time you get the workspace management. That’ll allow you to manage client accounts. So maybe you are an agency that deals with ecommerce clients. You’d be able to offer them this graphic design slash social media management service here and divide up their work into organized workspaces if you grab the second code.

So to me it’s probably going to be a case where you want to get two codes or nothing at all with Promo Republic but your mileage may vary.


Freedcamp featured image

Freedcamp is a project management tool somehow similar to Asana or Trello. This is a really established, high-quality project management system. In my opinion, it’s the best project management system that hit AppSumo in recent memory.

They have been around I think for almost 10 years. This is not a new piece of software. The few flaws that I’ve seen are that of its dated UI. It is older so it would be nice to see a refresh of the UI.

However, it’s fully functional. It works great. I did test it out for a very long time. However, I never made a full length review of it.

I do recommend this. If you’re looking for a lifetime deal on a project management tool, this is the best one that’s been available for quite some time.

The reason that I didn’t actually end up making a review or moving over from my current platform, ClickUp, is that ClickUp has the best UI. It’s the most feature-rich project management tool on the market right now.

(Pass) So I felt like it was a little bit too much of a downgrade to switch over to Freedcamp. Buy: But if you don’t have those issues, then it probably is worth your while to invest in Freedcamp.

Now a couple of things here. If you get up to three codes, you’ll be able to unlock white label as well as two-factor authentication (very cool!). You’ll also get unlimited guests – I don’t think that’s mentioned anywhere here but that is true. You get guests so they can view the work that you’re doing if you’re working with clients.

Now here is the really cool thing – I’ve never seen another LTD do this – Freedcamp will allow you at any point in the future to buy more codes from them directly.

So let’s say you have nine people working at your business right now and six months down the road you want to hire a tenth. You won’t be penalized for that. You won’t have to start paying monthly to Freedcamp. Instead you can just buy another code from them directly. For $49, you’ll get three more users.

So that’s the way the deal works here – three users per code. Stack as many as you like. You can keep going until you have enough for your company and then you can scale as your company grows. Really, really thoughtful approach from Freedcamp and I dig it.

AppSumo Plus vs. AppSumo Briefcase…

Those are all of the deals and as you can probably tell, these are all high-quality. AppSumo’s not bringing back the stinkers. This is the good stuff.

In order to make a purchase, I mentioned earlier that you need to join either AppSumo Plus or AppSumo Briefcase.

In the past, I’ve given this advice but I’ll do it again: you should probably join Briefcase rather than Plus.

When you buy AppSumo Plus, you pay $99 for the year and then you get 10% off of all your AppSumo purchases. So you’re kind of starting in the hole and you need to earn back that $99 in order to see any value. So at 10% off, you can be spending roughly $1,000 to get that hundred bucks back before you see any real profit or ROI.

Versus Briefcase where, for a quarter, you’d be spending $147. You’ll get four vouchers for $49. So if you use those vouchers over at Last Call, you’ll earn your money back right away. You get to keep those deals for life. That’s how the chips work at this point.

So there really is no loss to going with Briefcase. In fact, it’s almost certain that you’d see a return on your investment right away. You still get all of the features of Plus. You’ll even get the little badge next to your name when you’re leaving comments. You’ll get the 10% off of all future purchases.

So which deal are you most excited about from AppSumo Last Call this time around? Leave a comment and let us know!

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