Online Audio Mastering Service “RemasterMedia” Offers AppSumo Deal

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RemasterMedia allows you to upload audio or video files and it will automatically master the audio.

For those not familiar with the concept of audio mastering, it is the final step before audio is released for distribution.

The traditional process for releasing audio would be recording -> mixing -> mastering. Each step in the process gets more and more subtle. Mastering should have a very minimal effect on the end product, assuming recording and mixing were done with competency.

In the music industry, it is still common for each phase of production to have a separate engineer dedicated to that process (recording, mixing, or mastering). With budget cuts and an increase in available technology, more artists are choosing to record, mix, and master their own music.

For content creators & non-musicians who do not have audio engineer experience, “automatic mastering” services can certainly help to ensure your audio levels are not too soft & improve overall balance without having the cost of hiring a real human to perform the task. An excellent mastering engineer will always outshine software (for the foreseeable future) but the software is typically considerably cheaper.

Online automatic mastering has been around since 2014, when Landr was the first company to offer the service.

If you fall into the category of being an online creator without audio engineering experience, RemasterMedia should be a solid consideration at the current price point. The ability to upload video is a unique selling point that other similar services are not currently offering. Check out the deal here.

Profitable Tools is user-supported. When you click our links before making a purchase, we may receive a portion of the sale. 

Profitable Tools is user-supported. When you click our links before making a purchase, we may receive a portion of the sale. 

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Dave Swift
Dave Swift is managing director at Client Amp LLC and chief software reviewer at Profitable Tools. You can follow him on YouTube.


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