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Getting Giveaway Prizes Right

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I just got an email that Advanced Coupons (WooCommerce Extension) is giving away some Apple stuff.

So, why not enter because who doesn’t want some cool new Apple stuff? …more on that in a second.

Now — Let’s actually talk about giveaways and why I was slightly triggered by this giveaway. 😅

There are some fundamentals of choosing a prize for giveaways that I see a lot of reputable companies getting wrong. I believe that a giveaway prize should follow three basic principals:

  1. Prizes should not be your primary product.

    e.g. If you sell cars don’t give away a car. If you sell plugins don’t give away a plugin.

    Reason: People that might otherwise buy will wait to see if they’ve won before purchasing, and when they don’t win you have to convince them to come back to make the sale. Twice the effort for less result.

  2. Prizes should not be popular consumer products.

    e.g. Don’t give away an iPhone or an Xbox.

    Reason: Who doesn’t want a new iPhone or a new Xbox? By giving away a prize like this, you’re likely to attract people signing up for your giveaway who have zero interest in actually buying your product. What’s WooCommerce? I’m just here for the Airpods.

  3. Prizes SHOULD help your customers get improved results in a way that complements your primary product.

    e.g. If you sell musical instruments have a give away for free lessons. If you sell WordPress plugins have a give away for a free site optimization.

    Reason: People who enter a giveaway like this are going to be ideal customers to buy your primary product. You won’t just build a list of beggars, but a list of interested potential customers.

To be clear, this isn’t a rant against Advance Coupons. They are a respected developer making what (I believe to be) a mistake that I see over and over again.

If a company does a few giveaways like this and barely recoup sthe cost of the prize and marketing, they might decide giveaways are a total waste of time and money… when they just have the offer wrong.

Finally, because I know someone will ask — what software do I like to run a giveaway? My current favorite is RafflePress. I have a full video tutorial and a review here.

What do you think? Leave a comment if you have a better way to choose prizes for a giveaway than I’ve suggested here.

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