AppSumo's Black Friday Deals For 2019

(The Webinar War Wages On...)

By Dave Swift
Last updated November 28, 2019 @ 9:31PM 


AppSumo’s Black Friday event is one that LTD addicts save up for all year!

As usual, AppSumo isn’t discounting the deals. They’re all priced in the normal “AppSumo” range. Instead they are bringing back some of the most beloved offerings for one more chance. 

This year there are several new twists to the typical plot so let me break them all down for you here. 

First an AppSumo Plus or AppSumo Briefcase member, you get access to deals THROUGH CYBER MONDAY

That’s right, as a Plus or Briefcase member you’ll save 10% on your purchase AND you’ll have an additional 72 hours to nab these Black Friday Deals. 

Second, if you are a Plus or Briefcase member and you spend more $250 between today and 12/2/19, AppSumo will GIFT YOU $50 in credits. 

Of course they’re going to wait until after the refund period to send out the credits, so you won’t actually see them until February 1st, 2020. 

AppSumo JUST released all ELEVEN deals and they’re only available to everyone for the next 24 hours.

You can check out AppSumo’s Black Friday page by clicking on the button below, or scope on the deals right from this page. 

Here is my take on each of the deals offered so far. 

Book Like A Boss: This is a very mature and solid booking tool. A great alternative for anyone paying monthly to Calendly. It includes integration with Zoom, which is a great feature as Zoom is the standard for business calls outside of our LTD bubble. However, BLAB has been on AppSumo quite a few times before, so chances are you probably have this one unless you’re a newbie to the LTD work. Rating 8.1/10 would feel great about using this tool with my business. 

WebARX: The first time this was on AppSumo I stacked 100 sites and I literally use it on every site we manage at Client Amp. It’s a very solid security suite and it has never let us down. This time, the price has gone up and the number of sites per code has gone down. That’s a huge bummer, but I also completely understand why. This is a great security package — the only feature that continually lets me down is the backups, so we have moved on to WP Time Capsule for that and now it feels like a very solid stack. At this price, WebARX is still worth it as it’s proven itself reliable and even received two rounds of funding. Rating: 8.9/10. Score lowered because the value is diminished with the higher pricing but still a great option. 

Sociamonials: I really want to like sociamonials because it promises so much, but when I open the interface I just want to check my twitter feed… or do anything else instead. It’s really a cluttered and overwhelming UI. Sociamonials offers both social media posting and “viral giveways” or contests. The social posting game is riddled with strong contenders and I just don’t think Sociamonials stands out in this field. I’d skip this one. Rating: 6.4/10

DepositPhotos: I actually did a full review of DepositPhotos the last time it was on AppSumo. It’s not an LTD, per say, as it’s just a really good deal on credits. It’s the cheapest high quality stock photos you can find on the net… period. Don’t give me that Pexel’s crap. I’ve seen the same 7 workout images in 10 million different spots online. It distracts me from good content. Look, stock photos are never ideal, but if you’re going to use them, at least use a great source. DepositPhotos is quality.  Rating: 9.5/10

HeySummit: Ah, the widely praised and seldom deployed HeySummit. Look, I completely ❤️ MissingLettr, which is the same team behind HeySummit. MissingLettr has a gorgeous UI and saves my team literally hours of work every day. You might even find this post through a link shared via MissingLettr. 

But I don’t get the rush to spend hundreds (thousands?) of dollars on a webinar platform so that you can pair it with HeySummit to host virtual summits. 

Maybe everyone is way better at marketing than me, but getting a few thousand views on a YouTube video that I work for 3 days on is pretty hard. I just don’t see the need for this tool and so because of that, I haven’t tried it out and will refrain from giving it a score. 

Obviously I don’t expect everyone to agree with this point of view, but I’d almost always rather watch a video than join a webinar that’s either poor quality and I can’t fast forward, or pre-recorded but yet I have to show up on time to watch it. But I don’t know your use case and I’m sure when you explain it to me, it’ll make sense — so If you have the need, stack away. No judgement here. 

Continually. I stand by my comments that I’ve made in my video that no one has ever said “oh goodie, a chatbot” when visiting a website, but Continually is probably one of the cleanest and easiest to use for the average person running a brick and mortar business. It does simple, but useful things like help you book appointments. It UI is modern and you can turn off branding. 

If you already stacked Quirobot and you like it, don’t have FOMO. If you’ve been looking for a chatbot for your website and you need to have some them help generate leads while you’re away from your computer, Continually gets my nod of approval. 

HelpShelf. This tool lets you connect together multiple support services in one place. Want to know if it’s a good fit for you? Head to their integrations page and see if you use any of the software they work with. If you do, click the widget in the corner. That’s HelpShelf. It puts your support tools into a widget. Neat but not useful to everyone. I certainly wouldn’t switch my support desk just to use HelpShelf. 

Quuu. The goal here is to find content that is useful for you to share and then pipe it into your social media management platform, for us LTDers… it works with SocialBee. You’ll also see the big dawgs like Buffer & HootSuite. 

I have not used this platform as I don’t see the point in shuffling around content around, but it also doesn’t fit my niche. There isn’t a lot articles about LTDs being written that I can tell! I have tried a similar feature in Content Studio and was not impressed but everyone who has tried Quu says it’s far superior to the Content Studio feature. 

FindThatLead. Another long time AppSumo vet returns. This is a really popular deal and for good reason. Put in a website and it will do its best to find the email address for you. Does it work every time? No way. Does it work sometimes? Yeah! It does. And that’s pretty cool. If you need to get the email of a decision maker because you can land a big client… no brainer. This is a good one to have in your tool belt if you do B2B sales. 

Clinked. Get your own branded client portal. This is a SaaS. No WordPress required (that’s a pro or a con, depending on your use case and experience). One thing that is certain, a client portal will reduce annoying client emails… Hey can you send me a link to that doc again…

The downside here is if you need signatures you’ll have to pay for the Adobe e-sign integration. Another negative: The deal includes 50GBs of storage and stacking doesn’t get you anything extra, instead you have to pay $10/month for another 50GBs of storage. When people are used to 1 TB for $5 on Google Drive, this might feel like price gouging to some sumos…  but I suspect their costs are significantly higher than googles.  

LiveWebinar. The webinar deals are RAGING right now and we’re all benefiting. LiveWebinar is a great platform, but it’s based on tech called WebRTC which is actually better for the longevity of their business because they don’t have to pay a hefty streaming bill each month. So this deal is cheaper than big marker, but it will also require you to have great bandwidth available. Honestly, that’s an issue for all webinar platforms and you don’t have to look far to see people complaining about errors in webinars with just about any platform. 

Main gripes with this one are the recordings. 12 fps unless you 5 stack. That makes anything less than a 5 stack not really worthy of consideration in my opinion. 

On paper this one looks pretty much amazing, but there is some work that needs to be done to improve the UI. They have been slowly improving and I hope that process continues. 

All in all, I’m not sure most people actually need a webinar solution, but if you’re going to get one I’d get this over Big Marker. Should you stack? I’d grab 1 code if you’re going to do occasional live webinars (and I’d pair it with EverWebinar to make the most successful ones evergreen).  If you’re going to do weekly live events, I’d stack this one to 5. 

That’s it folks! Grab those BFCM deals. Have fun and always remember, friends don’t let friends buy shelfware. 



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Dave Swift

Dave Swift

Dave is the chief LTD reviewer at the 'That LTD Life' lab. He's also the managing director of Client Amp and a proud dad of four kids that love to give him colds.

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