About Profitable Tools

Profitable Tools is here to make it easier for anyone to start an online business. Agencies charge as much as a nice car to build you a membership site, but you shouldn’t need that sort of upfront investment to monetize your expertise online.

We are believers in DIY website construction and management. Our content is here to teach you to create the type of online business that you thought you needed an expensive developer to build.



Profitable Tools is never paid for reviews, but we often receive complimentary access to products and guidance on usage.

Profitable Tools only posts reviews of products that we believe could provide value and utility to our audience. We review many more products than end up in our videos, podcast, and website. We value your time and want to highlight tools that can have an impact on your business.


Affiliate links

When possible, Profitable Tools uses affiliate links. We run software that automatically links keywords to revenue-generating links. By clicking links on Profitable Tool’s website, you are supporting the content we produce.

Profitable Tools is also a participant in the Amazon Services, LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

You never pay more because you clicked one of our affiliate links, it simply signals to the store that we referred you and we earned a commission. 


Licensing, permissions, and reprints

For licensing, permission, and reprint requests, please contact ads@profitable.tools.


Profitable Tools was launched as “That LTD Life” in spring of 2019. Initially serving as a buying guide for entrepreneurs investing in software with lifetime deals, That LTD Life was rebranded to “Profitable Tools” in February 2020.

The shift to Profitable Tools allowed the scope of the site to increase, with a focus on highlighting and teaching tools that reliably produce a positive business outcome.